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The International Astronomical Union (IAU) Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) is the IAU central coordination and dissemination point for astronomy outreach activities taking place around the world. It focuses on engaging with the public, providing access to astronomical information and widely communicating the science of astronomy (astronomy communication). It maintains a network of National Outreach Contacts and amateur astronomy groups, which provide an ideal public engagement function for any major astronomical event. To support projects at a national level, the IAU OAO created the network of IAU National Outreach Coordinators (NOC): volunteers with extensive experience in public outreach, acting as the outreach representative of the IAU at a national level. The NOC for the USA is Dr. Carmen A. Pantoja (affiliation: University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras), appointed by the IAU (until Aug 27, 2021).  Through the OAO and its network of national outreach coordinators, the IAU promotes public awareness of astronomy, coordinates and manages international outreach campaigns, and maintains a relationship with amateur astronomers..

OAO-National Committee for the USA

  1. Bernhard Beck, De Paul University, Chicago, Illinois
  2. Derrick Pitts, The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia
  3. Stella Kafka, American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO), Cambridge, Massachusetts
  4. Shannon Schmoll, Abrams Planetarium, Michigan State University, Michigan
  5. Ness Mayker, Columbus Astronomical Society and Graduate student at Ohio State University, Ohio
  6. Vivian White, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, California
  7. Jason Nordhaus, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York
  8. Hussein Jirdeh, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland
  9. Hashima Hasan, NASA
  10. Kelly Korreck, NASA
  11. Doris Daou, NASA
  12. Carmen A. Pantoja, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, Puerto Rico (National Outreach Coordinator)

North American Regional Office of Astronomy for Development NA-ROAD

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National Astronomy Education Coordinator Team for the USA

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