Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassador Program (ACEAP):

ACEAP2016 (June 10-21, 2016) - This is a NSF funded program. Its goal is directed at outreach specialists to familiarize them with the science, instruments and research that takes place in Chile. The 2016 ambassadors included Michelle Ferrara Peterson, Josh Roberts, Sian Proctor, William Bogardus, Derrick Pitts, John Blackwell, Genevieve de Messieres, David Lockett, and Carmen A. Pantoja. From June 10-21, 2016 the ambassadors visited the AUI/NRAO and the ESO facilities in Santiago. They visited the Observatorio Astronómico Andino north-east of Santiago. They participated of a panel organized by the US Embassy in Chile at the Universidad de Talca in Santiago. At La Serena they visited the AURA offices and later the Cerro Tololo Inter-american Observatory (CTIO). They also visited the ALMA Observatory at Atacama. While at San Pedro de Atacama they visited the Escuela Secundaria de San Pedro, and the Escuela Elemental e Intermedia de Toconao. They also had the opportunity to visit the Natural Reserve of Los Flamencos. The expectation is that each ambassador will translate these experiences into innovative, long-term outreach programs in their local community and beyond.

  1. Mucaritablog (April 2016) A science blog was created on April 2016. It was announced in the Newsletter of the National Society of Hispanic Physicists.
  2. Videoconference with Students at Puerto Rico from the Blanco Telescope (June 16, 2016) A group of 30 students (9-12 grade) had the opportunity to learn about the Blanco Telescope (CTIO) through a Skype connection with the ACEAP2016 group. The students were participating of the UNITE summer program at the Department of Physics of the University of Puerto Rico. Dr. Pantoja prepared the students with some basic astronomy concepts before her trip to the ACEAP2016. She covered the following topics: Electromagnetic Spectrum, Scale of the Solar System, Surface characteristics of the Sun, Sunspots, Optical telescopes, Solar filters. On the date of the activity, Dr. Pantoja described the Blanco telescope using a scale model available at the control room. CTIO Outreach specialists Juan Seguel and Leonor Opazo, talked to the students about the instrumentation, research projects and and gave them general information about observatory. The Director of CTIO, Stephen Heathcote also talked with the students.
  3. Scale model of ALMA Observatory using paper model of the telescope
  4. This project is in progress. Initiated on July 15, 2016 by Dr. Gloria Isidro and Dr. Carmen Pantoja. We will build a scale model of the ALMA Observatory using a paper model of the 12m radio telescope. It takes about 3 hours to carefully cut the parts of the paper model and about 4 hours to assemble the parts. The ALMA Observatory has 66 antennas (54 have a 12m dish, and a 12 have a 7m diameter dish).Status:66/66 antennas assembled.(apr 20, 2017)
  5. Article about the ACEAP2016 experience published at the University of Puerto Rico web pagePublished August 9, 2016. ( retrieved 16 august 2016).
  6. Video conference to organize participation in Eratosthenes Project (September 14, 2016, UTC 20:30).Students from Chile and Puerto Rico will collaborate to measure the size of the Earth. Participants in Video Conference: 3 Teachers, 3 College Professors, 20 college students 1 (K-12) student.
  7. Article about Eratosthenes Project and collaboration between Educators in Chile and Puerto Rico Published in Digital Newspaper of Puerto Rico, "Sin Comillas", September 16, 2016 (retrieved September 22, 2016).
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  9. Presentation of Film Nostalgia for the Light:Film with Commentaries after the presentation, November 1, 2016. 15 participants.
  10. Presentation: "Careers at Astronomical Observatories" as part of the Activity "A Tour of the Universe:Astro Expo" at the Specialized High School: University Gardens, San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 4, 2016. 50 participants.
  11. Presentation: "Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassador Program" talk presented at Caribbean University, Bayamón, Puerto Rico. November 15, 2016 (70 participants).
  12. "Accessible Astronomy" (December 14, 2016) Accessible Astronomy at the Association for the Blind at San Juan, Puerto Rico. Dr. Gloria Isidro and Dr. C. Pantoja shared with members of the Association for the Blind during an event dedicated to Astronomy. The 2017 Solar Eclipse was discussed. The tactile models of the Sun, Moon, Mars and the galaxy were presented. The tactile radio telescope of the Arecibo Observatory was presented. Paper models of the radio telescopes at ALMA Observatory were presented. The event ended with Galileo’s Bingo. (11 visually impaired or blind participants).
  13. ACEAP Meeting at Kitt Peak National Observatory(January 19-23, 2017) The ambassadors met at Kitt Peak National Observatory to discuss present and future astronomy outreach projects.
  14. Pluto Litograph for story reading activity (May 11 2017) A litograph (in Spanish) was created with information about the minor planet Pluto for an activity at the Norberto González Book Store: Story reading of "Plutón se casa" with the author Laura Salvá, Saturday May 13, 2017. Litografía Plutón